Karva Chauth Outfit – OOTD

Karva Chauth Outfit

It has been an overdose of Kava Chauth but can’t help it….it’s my first after all. So like a small kid we all get excited with first experiences. So was I! Here comes the final post on Karva Chauth Outfit. Since I already gave a glimpse of my make-up, henna and bangles in previous posts, this would be just about what I wore!
I chose a light peachy coral saree I that I wore once for my cousin’s marriage. I love wearing sarees and this was perfect occasion to flaunt it.
what to wear on karva chauth

My bangles and henna….:)
Karva Chauth Outfit - What I wore on my first Karva Chauth?

Full length picture. :) This is what Mr. A took during evening….so the pics haven’t come that nice in artificial light. Please bear! :)
Karva Chauth Outfit - What I wore on my first Karva Chauth? Karva Chauth Outfit

Moon ji played games today! :/ Took so long to appear that too faint at 9.00 pm! Thanx to all the kids assembled on terraces in adjoining buildings. They shouted loudly on spotting the faint moon ji in the foggy, cloudy sky. I was dying of thirst! :(
Then Mr. A took me out to treat me….my favorite cuisines! Food never tasted so yummmmmmm nor did water! 😛

This fast made me realize importance of something in life which we take for granted…Water! :)

Hope you liked my Karva Chauth Outfit.
Hope you all had a great Karva Chauth! :)


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